Tucson Korean Tennis Association

  • Potluck dinner party at Mr. Kim's (posted on 6/21/2012, 07:56 AM)
    We are having a potluck dinner party on this Saturday.
    TIME: Jun. 23 (Sat) 7:00 PM
    LOCATION: 5516 E. Paseo Cimarron, Tucson, AZ 85750 (Henry Kim's)

  • Dinner Party at Mr. Eui Yeoul Hwang's (posted on 11/10/2011, 04:05 AM)
    Mr. Hwang has invited all Tucson Korean Tennis Association members and families for dinner.
    TIME: Nov. 13 (Sun). 6:00 PM
    LOCATION: 2520 N. Lightning A Dr., Tucson, AZ 85749

  • Lunch Picnic (posted on 11/3/2011, 09:22 AM)
    Tucson Korean Tennis Association members and their families are invited at a lunch picnic.
    TIME: Nov. 12 (Sat). 10:00 AM
    LOCATION: Fort Lowell Park Ramada #5
    PARKING: From the parking lot in front of the tennis courts, TURN RIGHT (EAST).
    Bring your tennis racket. Let's play after the picnic.

  • Singles Match Night (posted on 9/15/2011, 02:25 AM)
    Sep. 16 is a singles match night. Check the website for the details.

Tucson Korean Tennis Association is an open community which welcomes anyone that loves playing tennis. The association consists of people with vaious occupations, students, young and old, men and women, and players with all different levels of tennis skills. Most of the members are Koreans, but it's not exclusive to non-Koreans. Anybody can join and play. So just come and you will have somebody to play with.